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It's kind of funny, but while I'm reading about many of my flists moving right now, I'm considering doing thee same. I've applied for a teaching job -finally an open one! I'll know if I get it about two weeks before classes start, if I'm lucky. I'll also have to relocate about an hour north of where I am now. I've been looking at apartments in the area, so that I'm not at a complete loss if I do get the job. Any helpful hints people?

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So I've been thinking lately, and I find myself curious. Most of you probably know that I am a submissive masochist, and I know there are a number of people on my flist who practice an alternative lifestyle, and I guess I'm just wondering when you knew.

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So, now that I've got my verbal diarrhea out of the way, who's up for a poll?

Poll #1758034 Age of awareness

When did you know you were "different"

Before puberty
After puberty
When wasn't I?
As an adult
My partner broadened my horizons
I'll explain in the comments
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London 2012

It's a bit early, but then I'm an early planner. Lol. I always have been, which tends to drive people nuts, but when I go somewhere I've usually figured out where I'm staying, how to get there, and an what I'm doing, spending on what and where months before I ever go. I'm planning on going to the 2012 Olympics in London.

Last time I was in London it was with a group, and I didn't have to do any of the planning myself. This time I will. I know I've got people in my f-list who are in England, or at least closer than I am, anyone wanna share hints on places to stay, eat, flights to take over? I'm trying to keep expenses down. I already plan on staying in a hostel, and recomendation as to which one? Any help is greatly appreciated and will be repaid with much thanks.
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I don't know if anyone noticed, but I've been kind of missing from most of LJ life this year. Sorry about that, I know I've missed a lot of great stories. But I've been doing my student teaching, and it's kept me hopping. However, this Sunday I will finally be walking across that stage and getting my teaching degree! Already passed my certs, so job force here I come!!! English Major, History minor, Secondary EDu
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A little bit of venting.

The next time a server asks you a seemingly redundant question, please consider exhibit A.

I work in a cafeteria style restaurant, so people come up and I have a set of questions that I ask them. A couple came up, and the husband wanted an open faced double roast beef sandwich on wheat with horseradish and mashed potatoes, gravy over everything. The wife wanted the same thing. Now, if I had not checked to make sure she wanted wheat bread I wouldn't have discovered she wanted white. And she didn't want an open face. No horseradish. A single instead of a double. She did though want the mashed potatoes and gravy.

*rolls eyes* I always ask anymore, even though it apparently aggravates people. They'll say things like I said the same didn't I? Or "Don't you listen to me?" I will admit there have been times I've asked twice if you want potatoes, or horseradish, etc. because we get a lot of people and I may just forget that I've asked you. However, it's very helpful to your servers if instead of getting pissed at us, you try and be a little understanding. Thanks! :)
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I am ecstatic! I passed my MTTC's in my subject areas! (English, History) All that's left is a few classes in fall, student teaching in winter, then I'm a bona fide, certified, teacher!!

*parties* YES!!!
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